Membership Application

New Artists will be accepted for membership in the Western Heritage Artists Association based on photographs submitted. Jurors will make their selections based on impact, originality, intention, design, and composition.

Each artist must submit five photographs. Please include photos of all the styles and media you intend to sell. It is possible to be accepted in one media and not another. Some of your work may not qualify for our show. For example, we do not accept craft items, jewelry, or pottery. Accepted media are: watercolor, acrylic, oil, paper art, sculpture, woodcarving, photography, scratchboard, calligraphy, and mixed media.

Artist’s name, media and dimensions must be neatly marked on the back of each photograph. Please just include the image size, do not include the matting or framing. A fee of $15 will be charged to cover handling and juror expense.

Please send photos, application, and the $15 fee to:

WHA – Debra Bruner
P.O. Box 109
Middleton, ID 83644
Phone# 208-249-1011

Make checks payable to
Western Heritage Artists

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Jury Process and Criteria

For anyone interested in joining the WHA (Western Heritage Artists) Association, packets are sent out that explain the policies and procedures, the jurors’ criteria, program, by-laws, and an application. Accepted art for the WHA membership should be any fine arts media. Non-acceptable media include: pottery, clothing, or any craft medium. When submitting photos of artwork, please consider if the photograph does the artwork justice.

Once Artists have been juried In packets are sent out to each person who has indicated an interest in joining the WHA. The names are gathered throughout the year from a variety of sources. In this packet, we have the juror’s criteria, policies and procedures, last year’s program, by-laws, and an application.

Applications must be received, along with five photos of their work. The membership chairman chooses three jurors (usually from the membership, but that is not required) to evaluate the applicants’ work.

The WHA considers all of the following in its decision for membership:


Does the piece make a statement? Is the statement bold, subtle, suggestive? How dose it make you feel?


Is this a new concept? Is it a creative concept? Is it rendered in a unique fashion? Is it illustrative?


What does the piece say to you? Is the intent to illustrate, make a statement, or create a feeling?


Is the piece skillfully rendered, well planned and well thought out? Does the piece show accuracy? Is detail meant to play a part in the composition?


Is the makeup of the piece brought together in a pleasing arrangement? Do all parts of the piece seem necessary? Is the piece well representative of the media(s) utilized?

Overall Presentation

Does the entire presentation appear to be well done and professional?