Julie Wulf

Julie Wulf

Julie Wulf
P.O. Box 211
Lakeside, MT 59922

As a child, Julie Wulf was sure that fairies were real.

During winter ski outings she would lose herself in the forest, take off her skis and build fairy castles in the snow, much to her parents’ dismay.
“I tried to lure fairies into our backyard by creating a mossy mountain grotto under our lilac hedge,” Wulf recalled.

Those childhood fantasies eventually gave way to a more realistic view of the world, but Wulf, 64, still has a whimsy about her that’s evident in her brilliantly colored silk paintings and watercolors.

“The spirit responds to color,” she mused. “It’s good for your soul.”
Wulf is a partner in the ARTrageous art studio in downtown Lakeside, where her work is among other local artists’ work that is displayed and sold.
She has made a living as an artist for the past 25 years and draws inspiration from the view of her home studio looking north above Conrad Point on Flathead Lake. The outdoors are a constant source of stimulation for her work.

“The magic of wild places has inspired me to draw and paint ever since I was a small child growing up in Great Falls,” she said.