R. Wayne Waddoups

R. Wayne Waddoups
326 E. Main St
Franklin, ID 83237
(435) 512-8491

Roy Wayne Waddoups grew up in the art world. Both his parents were artists, and it was only natural that Wayne follow in their footsteps. Wayne’s style of art, however, is different from what his parents did.

The process of making the art is long and laborious. First, Wayne will find dying trees – usually found in back yards or farmer’s fields – and get permission to cut them down. After the tree has fallen, Wayne will take his seven (7) foot chainsaw, and slice up the tree like a piece of bread. The slabs he makes are the beginning of his art. The slabs are then dried until they are bone-dry, then sanded twice – one rough sanding, and then a fine sanding to create a smooth surface. If the edges of the wood do not have bark on them, Wayne will torch the edges to create a black, burnt look. Next, the slab goes to Wayne’s studio, where he selects the scene he will burn into the wood.

Next, he takes his razor-tip wood burner, and carves out each hair, feather, and line to create a 3D effect. After the scene has been burned into the wood, he will highlight certain areas with prisma-colored pencils and also a little bit of acrylic paint is used.