Lori Twiggs

Lori Twiggs

Lori Twiggs resides in Enumclaw, WA, a rural community forty miles south of Seattle. She enjoys painting still life and landscapes in the cozy surroundings of her private studio with the occasional plein air escapade. Her focus on atmosphere, light and shadow give her paintings a sense of quiet drama.

Lori’s first oil painting experience began with a few private lessons in elementary school, the springboard that carried her art interests through well beyond school years and into adulthood.

As a young adult she had a short sabbatical to raise her family, but in 2005 she picked up her brushes and continued where she had left off only now full steam ahead and passionately obsessed with painting.

At that point Lori’s style took a few twists and turns as she developed her personal style and voice. She explored color from vivid to classic earth tones, atmosphere, depth, noise and quiet. She also expanded from still life to explore the figure, portraits and landscapes but most importantly, the value of a strong concept in a composition through the use of light and shadow.

A familiar thread started to run through each finished piece whether still life, landscape, portrait or figure. Lori’s artistic voice migrated to dramatic illumination as a concept for a composition. To paintings that are atmospheric with a focus on light and shadow that express a quiet mood, whether solitude, melancholy or romance.

It’s the quiet drama she’s after with a touch of elegance.