Kate Settle-Ruland

Kate Settle-Ruland
P.O. Box 294
Broadus, MT 59317
(406) 436-2231

My ideas for what I create are as colorful as my interests. Many of my works include boots, of every size and color. As a teen in the 90’s when colored jeans and boots were in, one could say that it looked like a rainbow exploded in my closet. Now I’m married to a former saddle bronc rider. Not surprisingly, I love to paint and create rodeo images, ranching, and the western equine world.

My brand of painting style was heavily influenced in college under the direction of a master watercolorist, who taught me how to achieve the details and colors that I love. While working towards my degree in art education, I spent a lot of time in art history classes. While I adore aspects of several art movements, none seemed to have captured my attention as much as Art Nouveau; a time period that sometimes does not even get its own page in the art history texts. I fell hopelessly in love with the work of Alphonse Muchas’ flowing lines, details, flowers, beautiful women, and their fantastic costumes have forever captivated my imagination.

My inspirations give my work a feel of “Art Nouveau meets contemporary illustration in the rural American West.” I’m drawn to details and color, so I closely explore the little things that connect eras divided by decades. My Bar HL brand is a symbol that ties me to my family, my heritage, the livestock that wear it, and the land that they graze. From the adopted kid that never felt like she belonged to a woman who now knows that family consists of those who love you, a brand can mean so many different things. For now it is my icon of the American West that I wish to preserve for future generations and share with those whom may never directly walk a mile in my colorful boots.