Cathryn Reitler

Cathryn Reitler

Cathryn Reitler (Sugg)
(406) 671-0659

Cathryn Reitler (formerly Sugg) is a full time fine artist working in Northeastern Montana. She completed her M.F.A at The University of Montana and her B.F.A at The University of Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has a passion for producing works that alternately examine and honor the traditions of Western American artistic expression. Her works reflect her contemporary experiences of rural culture and cattle ranching.

Additionally, she specializes in client specific commissions; either pencil drawn or painted in oil on femmage and assemblage surfaces.

Underlying all her works is a dedication for portraying rural Montana as it is, capturing the freedom of wide blue skies and endless open plains where they still exist.

“I work in the gap between life and art.” R. Rauschenberg