Cherrie Pearsall

Cherrie Pearsall
101 Shady Circle
Lewistown, MT 59457

I began working with stained glass in the ’80’s while living in Monterrey, California. My neighbor showed me a project she was working on and I fell in love with the medium. I signed up for a class which was canceled three successive times for various reasons. I bought a book and taught myself.

When I moved to Ridgecrest, California, I began teaching adult classes at the local art store. While I was teaching elementary school full time, I organized after school programs including stained glass classes for grades 4, 5, and 6. I also sold glass projects at a local craft store.

After moving to Mammoth Lakes, California, I began to make larger custom pieces for a local church and special orders. It was during this period that my husband began framing panels for me. This was necessary due to the size of the panels for strength and stability and to make them easier to display. Each frame is unique to complement the design of the glass. I also continued teaching classes for adults and middle school students.

After moving to northwest Illinois, I began working part time in a retail supply and custom design stained glass store. While also teaching full-time at an alternative high school, I incorporated stained glass for these high-risk students. It was at this time that I began teaching adult stained glass classes in a local community college. I began displaying and selling custom orchid-themed glass at orchid shows in in Iowa and Wisconsin. I also continued making panels for a local church. Together my husband and I constructed the memorial glass for the Lewistown, Montana church.

Whatever my location, I continued to gather students, teaching basic stained panel techniques, sharing my love for color, glass and art.

Since I began working with stained glass, I have provided glass art for a variety of non-profit fund raising events.

In the summer of 2018, my husband and I both retired and moved to Lewistown, Montana. Since relocating, I have displayed and sold stained glass at the Great Divide Orchid show and sale in Helena. My glass is on display and for sale in the Lewistown Art Center with classes in the planning stage.