Marla Morser

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Marla Morser
215 Sapphire Ave
Malta, MT 9538
(406) 654-4363

Marla was born and raised on a farm just north of the Montana high line, and after a few years away, returned to live in the small town of Malta with her husband and daughters.

Throughout high school she enjoyed art immensely. For many years after, however, she only occasionally dabbled in creating art, and only for her own enjoyment. It wasn’t until she enrolled her daughter in a local art class that her passion for creating was reignited. Marla enrolled with the same wonderfully encouraging teacher and after a few years of instruction, began selling professionally.

Her two favorite mediums are graphite and oils. Although she loves to explore many different mediums, she is always centered around these two. If she wants to work sharp detail and focus, she works in her first love-graphite. Sometimes though she just has to have color, and so reaches for the oils.

Marla’s main subjects are all about the outdoors. Her horses and dog tend to be her go to models, and every time she steps outside she finds more beauty in the big sky landscape to try to capture. Even in her portraits she strives to involve some feeling or sense of enjoying nature.

No matter the medium or the subject, being able to spend hours just creating art is a joy that she cannot properly describe.