Robert Moritz

Robert Moritz
600 Old Shelby Road
Conrad, MT, 59425
(406) 278-3319

Bob Moritz, an artist from Conrad, Montana, is a native of Montana. Bob, his wife Kaye, and their son Ross, farm and raise cattle on the same farm his father and grandfather operated before him.

Having been a farmer most of his life, he has had to get his art education where he could. He began with a correspondence course taken while in high school, and continues to read many books on painting and attends all of the workshops he can. In 1973, he was encouraged by Cowboy Artists of America artist Fred Fellows to work harder and continue a career, in art.

Bob works in several media including drawing, pen and ink, silk screening, acrylics and oils, but prefers watercolors because of their speed of drying and adaptability to his work. His main interests are scenery and historical, which he likes to combine. When he looks at a particular scene he tries to imagine how it would have appeared when white men first came into the area. His local area and its history are his main focus. Being near the Blackfoot Reservation and the Plains Indian’s prime hunting grounds provide great inspiration on his field trips. Contemporary themes are also used in Bob’s works, and usually concern horses and horsemen. During the year, Bob and some of his arist friends set up model sessions, to get the feel of how it was, complete with tipis and period clothing. “It’s much easier to express something if you have done it and know how it works and feels.”