Linda Mews

Linda Mews

Linda Mews
2571 Foster Creek Road
Belgrade, MT 59714
(707) 815-2126

What is it about painting and drawing these mementos of the past that feeds a fire in me?

As an artist I have a fire which when fed warms my whole being but when ignored scorches and burns. It is my passion, my responsibility, my time to feed this fire…to let it warm me and take me where I am meant to go.
Color…what colors do we really see when we look at things? Color is a part of what we are…what our moods are. Color stimulates our souls. I have been called a colorist but I believe we are all colorists. We just need to feel them.

Oil is my favorite medium, but whether oil, acrylic, watercolor, multimedia, there is a time when the magic happens, the hours go by, joyfully lost. Then, the work begins…bringing in balance, rhythm, structure, harmony. The disciplines of completing a painting that consumes my life until it is finished.