Rebecca Lynne Kinane

Rebecca Lynn Kinane

Rebecca Lynne Kinane
Ulm, MT

Rebecca Lynne Kinane was born in Choteau, Montana, and has resided in the Treasure State her whole life. Growing up under the Big Sky and surrounded by its beauty, Rebecca has always been inspired by the wonder of Montana: its mountains, prairies, rivers and wildlife capturing her imagination as nothing else could.

Rebecca spent most of her childhood in Ulm, where the quiet of the tiny town encouraged the frequent visits of wildlife to her family’s home. It was here that she began to truly develop her art, starting with color pencil and pencil drawings and eventually moving to painting and other mediums as she grew in talent. She graduated from Cascade High School in 2009 after taking four years of art under the tutelage of Stormy Schwindt.

Currently residing in Ulm with her husband, Roman, Rebecca continues to balance her work/art schedule. She enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing…anything to get her closer to her inspiration, and of course, creating in her studio. Recently, she has developed a new style of wildlife painting, which is featured here in this site’s galleries. Rebecca strives to capture the wonder and majesty of Montana’s animals with unique shapes, movement and striking color. She hopes to keep painting in this style and develope her skills further as long as the inspiration this wild state provides continues to flow from her paintbrus