Sandra Hiller

Sandra Hiller Fine Art
8724 Valley Rd.
Elk, WA, 99009
(509) 292-8300

Each unique work is done with one piece of leather from an original drawing. My work combines leather tooling, sculpting and painting in a three dimensional piece of sculptured leather art.

My husband, 15 year old daughter and I live on a small farm in Northeastern Washington. Located three miles from the farm I grew up on. Rural farm life provides a never ending supply of subjects for my artwork.

I have worked over twenty years building saddles, harnesses and tack and sold harnesses in countries all over the world, Japan, France and Egypt to name a few. While I enjoy doing harness work, sewing buckles on straps doesn’t speak to my artistic soul. In 2000 I learned this technique and was hooked. Now I had a means of connecting my love of drawing , painting and expertise in leather.

I have drawn my whole life, particularly enjoying drawing farm animals and wildlife. I strive to make them look as realistic as possible, concentrating on the eyes. If the eyes are not right, the animal won’t be right.

When I started this art experience, I wanted to be true to the leather and just painted the main subject. As I progressed, I painted more and more of the background and I find myself pleased with the out come. Recently I have done a few pieces portraying people and the finished work hasn’t been unpleasant. I am also starting to do some pieces including pencil drawings.

I feel my work should always be evolving – improving or it will stagnate.