Dave Dubé

Dave Dube

Old Paper Art
P.O. Box 706
Helena, MT, 59624
(406) 449-5546

My folks took me to the Russell Museum sometime in the Fifties. I can’t pin down the year, but I was doing art and capable of reading and writing. Although Charlie’s canvas art was inspiring, I was enthralled with his paper art. Miniature paintings on the envelopes, and the top, bottom or margin of a letter. I was hooked.

Grandpa and Grandma now got Thank You’s which were short on words and long on whatever came to mind, and often a visual image of what I’d received for a gift on my birthday or at Christmas. I painted signs in and around Shelby at the age of fifteen. After spending four years in the Navy, I went back to school, got a degree in History and Art, and finally ended up in Helena, Montana. Art was always an after hours pursuit, as I needed to support a wife and two children. Persistence paid off.

After retiring in 2010, my art moved on to old paper. My preference is business paper from Montana businesses, and the older the better. I have looked at a lot of paper, and in the process I’ve made a lot of friends and gathered some fabulous patrons who continue to find my art worthy of hanging on their walls.