Elaine Davis

Elaine Davis

Elaine Davis Studio
Missoula, MT 59803
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From early childhood, I was surrounded by creative people. There is a lot of joy in being able to spend time with visual ideas, and then to place them on a canvas. Many things make me happy, but clearly the time spent painting and having music flow through my senses and then to my hand and paint brush is a special gift. As my brush lays paint to canvas, I feel my soul covering the canvas and I am at one with it and nature. I am constantly fascinated by humanity and our natural world. As my brush lays paint to canvas, I feel my soul covering the canvas and I am at one with it and nature. I love to learn about other cultures and have been fortunate enough to have traveled to other lands and in some of them I have lived the simple life with the people.

Montana is where I live now. I experience the abundance of amazing scenery and activities here first thing in the morning when I look out onto my window and behold the Bitterroot Mountains. The sky is constantly changing which affects the colors of the mountains. There are usually deer in the yard and most recently elk on the hill behind. The great variety in architecture inspires me to capture both the old and the new. Then there are the people, the warm friendly people. It is greatly satisfying to capture the individual personalities on canvas too.

I have been fortunate to study under many well recognized artists. From each one I learned new techniques. I studied for four years at the Watts Atelier which is now located in Encinitas, CA. I have deep gratitude to Jeff Watts for teaching me how to draw and paint the human form. Other well recognized artists I’ve studied under are Max Ginsburg, Rose Franzen, Sebastian Capella, Quang Ho, Daniel Green, and Ken Goldman.

Because of the many ways one can paint, I prefer to not lock myself into one color palette or application tool. Sometimes a large brush works best, other times a small soft one. There are times when thick paint applied with a palette knife is most appropriate and other times I force the paint to run.

As I travel around Montana, I am always looking for unique and different ways to portray this beautiful and diverse state. For example, there are many barns here, but some of them show the builder’s individual choice, personality and needs that other more common ones do not. Another example, is there are many fields of grain, but the one that excites me, is the one where the rancher is actually working in the field. This exciting Montana environment keeps my creative drive on high.