Jenny Briggs


Jenny Briggs
101 Ainsworth Way
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 337-1026

Jenny Briggs was a late-starter with her art career, discovering her talent in 1995, when she decided to take a drawing class so that she could design her own quilt patterns.  Suddenly, a whole new world opened for her!  After exploring many subjects, and painting for over 20 years, she has found her passion.  She has become the Painter of Life and Memories, skillfully and deftly telling the stories of People, Animals, Birds, and Wildlife.

Jenny studied with Ric LeAndro for a time, who shared freely his vast knowledge of the Old Masters’ styles and techniques, while encouraging her to develop her own personal style along the way.  Jenny was invited to join LeAndro’s gallery, and thus began her journey through the years of many art shows, galleries and associations.  Jenny constantly studies subjects and techniques.  It is important to her that the stories in her renderings look and feel “real” and believable to the viewer.  She says her favorite artist is Renoir, who “was so good at telling a story while inviting the viewer to linger a while as they discover the little stories within.”  She likes the idea of “story-within-a-story” that she sees with Renoir, and it shows in some of her paintings.

As a member of several art organizations such as Oil Painters of America, Folsom Arts Association, Northern California Artists, Jenny participates in shows as often as she can.  Her works are collected nationally and internationally, and she is known for creating a story in her paintings, into which the viewer can super-impose their own memories or life-experiences.  Aside from her home gallery and her website, Jenny’s work is currently available through Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona.

To the question of what her mission is as an artist, Jenny states, “It might seem too simplistic to some, but I love watching someone smile when they look at one of my paintings.  It means to me that it made them feel good, and that for a moment they are distracted from the hurts, worries, or stresses in their life.  I like that very much.  Who knows what good can come from that?

Jenny taught a one-day workshop at the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento California, while her work was exhibiting there.  The focus of her workshop was on “the color of the air and color-bouncing”, in which she taught her students about choosing an over-all “color of the air” (using color to create the atmosphere), and how to see and use reflected color in their paintings.  She very much enjoyed teaching, and plans to teach regularly when time allows.

Jenny has been featured in Inside East Sacramento, Apple Hill Cider Press, and Style Magazine, Folsom/El Dorado Hills (July 2016 issue), and her work has been included in several fine art catalogs.