Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander
27573 E. 6th Ave
Gobles, MI 40955

Susan has been an artist most her life. She attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago and had a successful career as a graphic designer. She now devotes her time to her passion, Stained Glass.

She started working in glass as a hobby but then began to see the beauty in the glass and watched as it played with the changing light and became alive. She was hooked!

There are many different methods of glass today. She prefers the techniques of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the copper foil method. This allows her to create more intricate compositions with her glass. Using a pallet much like a painter uses his paints. She uses lead lines as well as color in this method.

Her hope is to bring to life the images of nature in this classic medium, to tell a story and create mystery and magic through her glass.